Black Label Society
Live at Iron City 05/17/2022

Zakk Wylde brought Black Label Society to Iron City and they had one plan only, to ROCK WITH THE BIRMINGHAM CHAPTER!

Zakk and the crew started the set off with “Bleed” and the crowd was definitely ready for a night of rock from Black Label Society and went nuts during the opening song. After finishing the opening song Zakk said a few words to the crowd before moving into the next song “Demise”. 

The show was a mix of old Black Label Society Staples and songs from the newest album Doom Crew that released in 2021. This was my first time to hear “Destroy and Conquer” live and it was just as great as on the album.

Long time fans would be happy to hear songs like “Blessed Hellride” and “Spoke in the Wheel”. 

A staple of EVERY Black Label Society show is Zakk on piano singing the song “In This River” as a tribute to his fallen brother Dimebag Darrell. There has never been a time that I have seen Black Label Society that this songs does not give me chills and this night was no different.

After this Zakk would immediately change the mood with “Trampled” and “Set You Free” to liven up the crowd and this was prefect for what would setup as the finale of the show.

For the finale, Zakk and crew went into a set of 3 of the most known songs from the band with “Fire It Up” in which Zakk and crew released beach balls into the crowd and Zakk and Dario did a behind the shoulder guitar duel. Next up was “Suicide Messiah” and the final song and the most wanted of the night was a rowdy and fun version of “Stillborn”.

The fans went crazy and Zakk and the crew took their bows to the crowd and exited stage left. 

This was a wonderful show and Zakk and Black Label Society did not disappoint.

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