Chase Matthew Live At Zydeco Birmingham 4/30/2022

Chase Matthews is an up and coming name in the country music world. Chase started his love of music at a young age and performed as seen in his “Born for This” Video. During his high school years he auditioned for a prominent Nashville performing art school and received the following statement: “He’s not good enough!” While this experience had Chase questioning his path, his father offered encouragement, “Don’t listen to him son. He doesn’t know anything. He’s wrong! Son, you were born for this.”- Source(

Chase took what his father said to heart and started spending tons of hours writing and recording music. However, a lyric shouting out his favorite Country/Rap artist Ryan Upchurch would propel Chase to new heights as Ryan Upchurch showed this on TikTok and this lead to tons of fans tuning in to what Chase had to say.

Chase brought his live show to Zydeco in Birmingham, AL on 04/30/2022. Chase was super energetic from the start of the show starting out with his single “Raised in the Holler”. The crowd was loud and singing along. Right after finishing Chase talked to the crowd and told him moments before going on stage he was told the show was officially SOLD OUT.

He would then move to some of his slower songs “Nashville Crazy” and “Love Like That” before going into the crowd favorite “Pull Up” and making the crowd get rowdy again. 

During the show Chase gave a motivational speech to the crowd about how they should live for their dreams and don’t let anyone tell them they can’t do something before singing “Born for This” 

Overall the show was great and the crowd showed a lot of love to Chase. 

Catch Chase in your town on the EXTENDED Born for This tour and get tickets at

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