From Small Stages to Large Festivals, Charlie has covered literally hundreds of live music events throughout the Southeastern United States since becoming a photographer.

Charlie is the In House Photographer for the live music venue Zydeco in Birmingham’s Southside district. 

Charlie is also a contributing Photographer with Iron City Birmingham working with the marketing and social media team to capture live music events in their 1,300 person live music venue.

Charlie is a contributing photographer New Noise Magazine and has photographed small shows to large shows and also the Mayhem Festival, Uproar Festival, and Avalanche Festival that are all retired.


Slayer at Iron City Bham

Slayer brought their heavy sound to
Iron City Birmingham shortly before their farewell tour!

Rob Zombie at Mayhem Fest

Rob Zombie with some creepy blue lighting as he headlined the 2010 Mayhem Festival.

Yelawolf at Iron City

Yelawolf staring intently into the crowd at his SOLD OUT Iron City appearance 2015 after the release of Love Story album.

Chase Matthew

Chase Matthew throwing the horns at his 04/30/2022 SOLD OUT show at Zydeco.

Justin Whang of Jynx

Justin Whang of Jynx opening for Attila at Zydeco. Justin also host Tales from the Internet on YouTube

Sonny Sandoval from POD

Sonny Sandoval for POD (Payable On Death) on the 20th Anniversary tour for Satellites.