Whether capturing a musician, model, or couple portrait, I want to capture that special moment that is one of a kind and magical for the person being captured. Below is a collection of Music, Modeling, and Engagement photography. 

No matter what you want to capture, my goal is to leave you awe struck with the photos that are made.

How I Capture the Moment

Keep the Client Comfortable

When working with clients, I want to make sure that every aspect of the photoshoot is special and captures the moment that they want to show for a life time.

When working with clients, I ask about the look that they want to capture and locations that are important to them or that make a statements.

When shooting portraits I like to shoot them at an agreed upon location. These locations can be special like a first place that a couple met for their engagement photos to a tattoo shop that they are meeting fans at or venue with an amazing back drop.

Types of Portait shoots

Comprehensive List of shoots

Band Portraits

Modeling/Burlesque Portraits

Endorsement Portraits

Engagement Sessions