The Hu Played Iron City on 05/25/2022 bringing their unique sound of Mongolian Heavy Metal to a packed crowd. The band started the show dimly lit as each member made their way to their place on stage. The lighting changed to blue as as Gala began to play his morin khurr, horsehead fiddle, as they opened the set. Shortly, Jaya and Gala both started to sing in Mongolian chant as the other members of the band began to play.

The crowd was blown away at the amazing performances when Gala, Jaya, Enkush, and Temka were all playing simultaneously. The band had a great lighting set going along with there music with blue and red tones to purple tones to greens and even simulated lightning flashes. 

The set started with “Shih Hutu” which got the fans moving. After this the band played “Shoog Shoog” before moving to the well known “The Gereg”. Fans were dancing and head banging along to The Gereg. As the show continued on fans would also hear well known favorited “Black Thunder” and “Yuve Yuve”. The band would then perform crowd favorite “This is Mongol” and when they did a small mosh pit even broke out. After finishing “This is Mongol”, the band took their bows and made their way off stage. Fans began to chat “ONE MORE SONG, ONE MORE SONG!”. 

The Hu did not disappoint the fans and made their way back to stage were they played their cover of the Metallica classic “Sad But True” and the place erupted in the crowd singing the song in English while The Hu sang in Mongolian. It was a sight to see as the two languages were merged by a love of heavy metal.

The band again would move to the front of the stage to thank the fans for their attendance and the show can to an end. The Hu live is an experience that every metal fan should experience. 


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