Wage War is a band that is quickly becoming a big name in the metal community and for great reasons. After successfully completing a tour with metal giants Slipknot, the band is out on their own headlining tour. And the fact that they stepped in for fellow metal brothers and sisters Jinjer as the War in Ukraine prevented Jinjer from opening for Slipknot shows the caliber of guys they are. 

Wage War has been around since and I was very fortunate to catch them in their early days in small venues. When I first saw Wage War I knew this band would be successful from their professionalism, to the way they treated fans, and to their amazing sound and stage presence.

I did not get to attend the Knot Road Show, so I had heard from many that attended that they were blown away by Wage War. This was no surprise to me as I had told many of the same people to get tuned into Wage War much earlier. 

Surveying the crowd, which was large, was a sea of old school Wage War fans and new fans that discovered them on the Slipknot tour. The show was ready to begin as the guys took to the stage.

They opened with “Relapse” and the crowd immediately got into it going wild. The fans in the pit were moshing and circle pitting and others started to crowd surf. After finishing “Relapse” they went into “Teeth” and the bands performance ramped in pace and the crowd got even more into the set. 

One thing that can be said for Wage War live is that there is not a dull moment and the guys make sure that the fans are entertained the entire set. Also, Wage War does a great job of covering material from all of their releases and not just the current release. As a long time fan it was great to hear early songs like “Circle the Drain” and “The River”.

If Wage War is set to come to your town, GO SEE THEM! This is one of the best current live shows in metal and the music is great. 



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